Birth photos are so much more than pretty pictures…                        and there is something my friend once said to me that proves just that.

“What did it look like?”

When my friend, Michelle, was 35 weeks pregnant she felt her waters release and soon after contractions began.

Baby Tilly was on her way and there was no stopping her. Michelle trusted her baby, her body and had a wonderful medical team on side.

When Baby Tilly was born she came out with her little legs all tucked up behind her ears!

A premature, frank breech birth!!!

Freaking amazing!!!

What a sight, huh?

But Michelle didn’t see it.

As she said “I’m an eyes closed birther.”                                                

 Yes, there are so many birth photos out there, and some are even of tiny bums being born instead of heads… but those images would always be missing one crucial factor.

Michelle’s own story and strength!

No matter how you birth, you won’t be able to witness it from every single side.

You might be an eyes closed birther like Michelle, you might be on hands and knees, you might be in the birth pool in the dark….

No matter how you birth, I don’t want you to come away and say

“What did it look like?”

So, lets capture these moments. You plan on documenting your Babys first smile, first steps, first birthday….

I don’t want you to miss out on forever capturing your babys first breaths.

Photography Packages


Complete Birth Photography ........................................

Investment of 1500

The swell and surge of labour. The raw power of birth. The milky grins. The happy tears of new parents. These are the moments I live to document.

Welcoming me into your birth team to capture your journey includes:

+ Multiple soulful meetings during your pregnancy. I am here to hear your wants, needs and desires of birth photography, and me, your birth photographer. Tell me what you want, how you picture it and ask me all of your questions (even the silly ones!)! I want to deliver you the pictures you have always imagined.                                                                                              

+My availability to you, day and night, 24/7 during the final weeks of your pregnancy. I am there at the drop of a hat, exclusively, just for you.               

+My complete documentation of your birth. I am there for your labour, birth and first moments of parenting.                                                

+Your entire birth journey beautifully hand edited and presented to you digitally on a USB for your to keep forever.

So, are you ready to embrace the power of birth and capture these moments to remember forever?

Call me today to arrange a cuppa and chat!                                             0432 477 143


'Welcome Home' .............................................................

Investment of 350

The teeny toes, the sweetest squishy nose, those rose bud lips that you just can't help but smooch again and again...                                    Stay blissed out in your babymoon bubble adoring this tiny new Being as I captures the first feeds, the milky grins, the wrinkly feet and the love between you and your family in a casual, no "look here and say cheese" manner.                                                                                   Now settled beautifully at Home, this package helps you to forever remember the sweetest details that are so fleeting.

Welcoming me into your freshly birthed bubble includes:

+ My exclusive availability to you within the first two weeks after the Earthside arrival of your tiny person. 

+ Quiet, unobtrusive and respectful capturing of you as you get to know this delicious new person who has just come into your life.

+ Images of your first moments adoring your beautiful baby superbly hand-edited and presented to you digitally on a USB for your to keep forever.

Are you ready to capture these fleeting moments of just-birthed perfection forever?

Call me today to arrange a cuppa and chat                                           0432 477 143


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