Your Positive Birth Experience Begins Here


Do you want to plan a positive birth experience?

Feel supported every step of the way?

Have your care tailored to your individual needs and continuity of care?

Your Pregnancy and Birth Package

Are you ready to take the first step to making sure you have an amazing birth?                                                                                   Ready to really take a positive step towards owning and loving your birth? Then walk this way!


Your investment is $1500 and includes:

In depth discussion of all of the pregnancy and birth options available to you- not just the ones the GP offers you!

Multiple private childbirth education sessions where we chat the ins and outs of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding- the works. These sessions are held in your home giving you the space to feel comfortable as we  practise labour positions, plant positive birth seeds and dissolve any fears and prepare you for your kicker-arse birth

 Honouring the huge transition that pregnancy and parenting is, recognising this as a sacred rite of passage and giving you all the respect and reverence you deserve.

Open and honest dialogue about parenting preparation, including referrals to excellent local and online resources

Breastfeeding preparation and support to get you started on the right foot to your magical journey to nourishing your babe with your amazing breastmilk

Finally, I will visit you postnatally to check in and make sure you are on the right path, debreif your birth, see how breastfeeding is going and make sure you are armed with information and resources to parent in your own individual way with confidence and love

Optional extra: Your Placenta Encapsulated + $300

Your Kickarse Pregnancy & Birth Package

Want to REALLY kick butt? Leave your birth feeling euphoric, satisfied and knowing that you made your own decisions every step of the way? Then this package is for you!


Your investment for this package is $2065, saving you $790 and includes:

Private hypnosis for birth sessions (4) plus resources to aid you in preparing for the most kickarse birth imaginable - Birth Hypnosis details HERE

We will spend six prenatal sessions together, planning your birth, working through ingrained fears and worries and work towards your positive birth goals. We will look into the societal fears which  have been placed upon us in regards to birth and smash those expectations to bring you to a place of confidence as you approach your birth, building you up to know how amazing your body is and how much you can rock your birth!

Of course I will also attend at your birth. Ensuring everyone on your birth team knows your birth preferences and is on board with your hypnosis for birth education. I will be there to offer physical and emotional support to you and your birth partner, empowering you both to make the decisions you want to make about how you bring your baby into the world

Before your babe is born, I will also paint a beautiful personalised Henna belly design and adornment during our final prenatal appointment. Decorating your belly helps to revere you as the pregnant and soon to be goddess that you are. Preparing your body AND mind in the most sacred and beautiful way for the amazing journey you are embarking upon

After your birth I will visit you twice more to ensure you are rocking your postpartum time. We will chat about your birth and debrief all of the delicious raw details. I will check in on your breastfeeding and we can have a chat about how becoming a mother is changing your life and relationship

Added extra fun bits!!

Newborn sized boobie beanie (normally $30) to keep that delicious bundle warm - and looking adorable!

Custom Umbilical Cord Ties (normally $15) to replace the clunky plastic clip most birth providers use

Your very own copies of The Business Of Being Born, The Pink Kit and Orgasmic Birth movies (retail at $170) to help you prepare your body and mind for your birth

A gift of lush samples, local baby and pregnancy related discounts and freebies

Placenta Encapsulation including pick up and delivery to help combat baby blues, help your breastmilk supply and aid in your postpartum healing. I will deliver your capsules at our first postpartum appointment